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Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
swath of the economy, i can't stress how important this trend might be. hey, let's take the rails. >> all aboard! >> they've been horrendous in large part because of decline in coal shipments to our power plants which are nat gas. china is building hundreds of coal burning plants. when electricity is used, you'll see stocks like csx and norfolk southern start to bottom. you know what? i think they bottom now. just how powerful is china? consider this. last week we had a truce between the israelis and gazans. it took people by surprise. how can it stay high given the sudden ephemeral peace? oil didn't fall. that's because of rapacious chinese demand. there's europe. deal talks were in the air friday. that means a day when the industrials that had so much riding on return to growth in europe could blossom. they were some of the best actors out there. good news for europe, still good news for the international u.s. banks. they went up, too. jp morgan, goldman sachs. retail. we got terrific news on friday. initial returns from the black thursday which used to be black friday, tremendo
Nov 21, 2012 6:00pm EST
as expected, maybe management isn't executing. maybe economy takes a turn for the worse and suddenly your stock belongs to a sector that is out of favor. don't get sentimental. you got to sell. take a small loss and give a broken company a second chance to burn you and then take a much larger loss. lots of people hang on to the losers, often because they're waiting for them to get back to even selling. it's the worst kind of amateur mistake. but even then, these people know their losers deserve to be sold, they want to sell, they're just waiting too long for an unrealistic price that is too high given the downturn with the actual company. selling your losers seems to make perfect sense. selling your winners, though, that's totally counterintuitive for many of you. have to at least trim your biggest gainers. the first reason is simple, diversification. when you let your winners ride, your position can get too big. let's say you own a stock that doubled and doubled and doubled. maybe you bought apple that traded around 200. it represented 15%, it's now a much bigger piece of the pie, even i
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
on the economy. take pbh. host of other brands you know. back on october 31st, we learned that pbh was acquiring a brand th for $2.9 billion. you have the house of chatral together. deals have always been perfect. pbh reported after the bell today and the results were very strong. the company reported strong earnings let's check in with the fabulous chairman and ceo find out more about the quarter. good to see you. all right this was a very interesting thing this quarter. you had already told people that you thought you could beat the number. you had four cents more than anybody thought. was it the strength of the consumer here. is it how much better europe is for you? >> what is the make up of that last bit? >> margins were better. we were being on the gross margin line. better with taxes and overall, this quarter given the warnico acquisition we were forced more or less to come out and give guidance and we took it up. so it was a strong quarter for us. one of the things, and i know it is not as important, but your heritage brand, 3% increase, this is a major change, it is in the middle of a tr
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
smart and this business has become a terrific secular growth story. and the underlying economy ain't doing so hot. this new trimble is all about helping customers become more productive and more efficient, antidote for this low growth economic environment. it uses proprietary technology, collect data from other measurement technologies and it processes that data that's designed to tell the customers what's needed to improve efficiency of workers out in the field. especially at construction sites and new infrastructure builds. those software builds can cut fuel costs or improve customers service or safety standards. it all comes down to helping other companies to find new ways to squeeze more money out businesses. that's the kind of pitch that never goes out of style. certainly not one that the old trimble could have offered. it's a joint venture with cat pilller where their technology will be sold to cat dealerships for everything to machine control technologies. this gives the company a tremendous outsource international sales force. it looks like it's become the real deal. compan
Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
the economy isn't able to handle the tax increases and spending cuts. we know those comments caused the bulk of the intraday pullback. the market was humming along fine. we did in the end rebound nicely. it was a huge victory for the bulls. the losses, regardless of the cliff and it's aftermath, we need to head off the personal portfolio management errors before they cost another dime for us. today we got two phenomenal examples of what could go wrong in banking. first we had hewlett-packard. if you are like me, i have both and hp pc and household printer. to finish at $11.71. best buy. the big box retailer, i have not once but twice done in the last six months. closed at $11.96. two household names that you may have been lured into only to have your hopes dashed. two unmitigated disasters. >> the house of pain. >> what went wrong? hewlett-packard was an accounting scandal. best buy was a hideous earnings shortfall. both seemed to shock investors. however, if you watch this show, you should never have been in these stocks. or you were betting against them. i told you that these companies wer
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)